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Web Classes
ASU has many courses that are web-based or web-assisted. Some courses are designed to be taught exclusively on the Internet with all assignments and tests conducted on the Web. Some courses, called web-assisted classes, will require some on campus meetings for exams or other activities as well as web-based instruction. You should check with the department or instructor offering the course to find out about these requirements.

If you wish to enroll in a web course, use the same procedures for enrolling in any other course using Self Service

WN grades and web classes
WN grades can only be assigned for students who have never logged into Blackboard for online classes.  Students who have logged into Blackboard at any time once the term has begun are NOT eligible for a WN even if they have not completed any assignments. These students must complete the normal drop or withdrawal process.

How to find web classes on Self Service

Log in to Self Service.

Click on Student and Financial Aid and then Registration.

Click on Look Up Classes and select the term.

Use the selection options to search the class schedule. You may choose any combination of fields to narrow your search, but you must select at least one subject.  

To select all subjects, click in the subject box to select it and then hold down the shift key and end key. To choose several subjects, click on your first subject and then click on additional subjects while holding down the CTRL key.

Choose "Web" or "Web-Assisted" under the Instructional Method drop-down box.

Select Class Search when your selection is complete.

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