Arkansas State University
Request for Incomplete (I) Grade
(Approval prior to end of semester required.)

Student Name Student I.D.#
Course Number Course Name
Semester/Year Instructor
Dept College

Reason for request :

ASU Bulletin: "A grade of 'I' is appropriate on the final grade roster when a student fails to meet all the course requirements for reasons beyond his/her control, i.e., illness of the student, serious illness of death in the family, or extended research project. Procrastination, pressure of work in other courses, or work not connected with the student's academic load are not satisfactory reasons for an 'I' grade."
Class work yet to be completed:

Deadline for Completion (date)
(if ealier than the default which is the end of the next regular semester.)

NOTE:  All work must be completed and the instructor must submit an "Official Grade Change Form" to the Registrar's Office by the end of the next regular semester. If not, the "I" will become an "F".

This form does not have to be completed for theses or dissertations. The grade will not become an "F" for theses or dissertations.

Signature of Instructor  Date

Signature of Student    Date

Signature of Chair        Date

NOTE: Students receiving SCHOLARSHIP and/or FINANCIAL AID should check with the Financial Aide Office to see how the "I" grade will affect your aid eligibility for the following semester.

NOTE: Students should not formally enroll in the same class again.
Please send form to Jesse Blankenship or Chris Boothman in the Registrar's Office.