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Institutional Scholarship recipients who are registered in the Degree in 3 Program, are allowed to use their scholarship eligibility during the summer, provided they are enrolled in 12 hours (both summer terms combined) at the Jonesboro A-State campus.  

Participating students are held to the same rules and regulations of their scholarship during the summer terms as required during regular fall and spring enrollment. Students who are on scholarship probation are ineligible to participate.  

Participating students must meet scholarship renewal criteria before summer enrollment begins and each summer of participation equals one semester of scholarship eligibility.  

Students receiving their scholarship during the summer agree to the terms and conditions of their scholarships as outlined and complete criteria can be found at

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I am enrolled in 12 hours Summer 2018 and want to use my institutional scholarship under the Degree in 3 guidelines. I understand it is my responsibility to comply with the guidelines referenced above.
I do not want to use my institutional scholarship under the Degree in 3 guidelines in Summer 2018.


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