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Midterm Grades

Fall 2010 Outstanding Mid-Term Grades

The midterm grades are due by noon on October 13.

What students are required to have a midterm grade posted?

All freshman and sophomore students are required to have midterm grades posted. It is encouraged to post midterm grades for all students. You can recognize if a student is a freshman or sophomore student by reviewing the Freshman and Sophomore Identification tool located in the myCampus portal.

Please use the search options below to find courses with outstanding grades for a certain department or instructor.

Instructions to Print the Outstanding Grade Report

Click on the drop down arrow beside the search option campus, instructor or department, and select the option you want to view. A pop-up window will ask you to open or save the information. If you choose Open, it will open up in a web browser. If you choose Save it will be saved as a MS Word document type. Then you can open it and print. You may choose landscape mode when you print from Word.

Data last run on 10/13/2010 at 10:30 a.m. Data will be updated periodically throughout the grading period.

Select your department:

Select the instructor:

(Note: If your name is not on the list below then you have submitted all of your grades and have no missing grades in the system. )

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